Wholesale in Canada and Europe

Get the bison advantage

Noble Premium Bison has been supplying grass-raised Canadian bison meat to the hospitality industry in Canada and Europe since we introduced our brand in 2016. After launching Noble at retail stores across Canada in 2019, sales of bison meat continue to grow, making bison the meat to eat!

Put bison on the menu

As bison meat becomes more available at retail, consumers are asking for this premium protein at their favourite restaurants, too. Valued for both how it’s raised and it’s sweet rich taste, bison meat on your menu can help you elevate the plate.

Noble offers chefs dozens of premium cuts of meat, generated from industry standard specs set by the North American Meat Producers (NAMP). Our product is handled with the utmost care for safety and quality, and for high volume orders, we offer a custom service for customers who require a spec unique to your business. From Classic Cuts like the Tomahawk, Ribeye and Tenderloin bison steaks to Creative Cuts like the Flat Iron, Tri-Tip and Flank steak, we always air dry our meat, and hand carve our cuts to the same premium standard each and every time.

Make your meat sales sizzle

No longer a curiosity, bison has become the ‘meat to beat’ at retail. When Noble made bison available to Canadians across the country, sales grew almost 200% in the first year, and that demand is continuing. Some of the top food trends for consumers are:

  • cooking and sharing meals at home
  • eating healthier food
  • sourcing sustainably raised products
  • trying wild and game meats
  • being adventurous with ingredients

Noble Premium Bison has everything your customers want in healthy meat—and nothing they don’t. Those savvy consumers will be looking for products that:

  • make cooking at home more interesting
  • provide extra nutritional value when it comes to health
  • have a good sustainability story
  • are raised humanely without harm to the environment
  • have no antibiotics or added hormones

Contact us for information on our brand, our products, and how we can help you put bison on the shelf and on the menu today.