Retail Stores in Toronto

Finding a retail location near you is easy! Noble Premium Bison Steaks, Cubes, Lean and Extra Lean Ground products are available right across Canada. Enter your location here and find a retailer nearest you!
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      Toronto Bison Meat

      Buy healthy, nutritious bison meat in retail stores in  Toronto.  Noble Premium Bison are grass-raised without the use of antibiotics and finished for a short period of time on a free choice of grains.  Bison is a leaner protein than beef and is a good source of iron, vitamin B6 and B12, , zinc phosphorus, niacin, and selenium.  Bison also tastes great!  It’s very similar to beef and can be substituted in recipes, but has a slightly richer and sweeter taste than beef and has a smoother texture.  In fact, chef’s love it and have put bison on the menu in a number of Toronto restaurants.

      Where is Noble Premium Bison meat available to buy in Toronto ?  Bison can be found at your local Sobeys in Toronto.  For wholesale and restaurant orders, contact us directly.