For Chefs in Canada and Europe

The product you purchase from Noble Premium Bison is made with care for our animals and the environment. We’re committed to providing you with a superb eating experience every time you order our premium products. Whether Primal Cuts or from our Premium Portioned Program, all our bison meat is air chilled, hand carved and shipped fresh.

Tender, lean and full of flavour

In the purest sense, we produce tender, lean and flavourful meat free of additives, antibiotics and growth hor mones. We offer dozens of premium cuts of meat, generated from industry standard specs set by the North American Meat Producers (NAMP). From tomahawk steak to short rib, striploin to ribeye, our customers re ceive the same high standard, consistently and reliably.

For high volume orders we offer a custom spec service for customers who require a spec unique to their business. Regardless of the cut, our goal is to maximize value by minimizing handling and waste.

Premium Portioned Program

Developed specifically for chefs, hotels and caterers across Canada and Europe, our Premium Portioned Program offers our most popular bison cuts in portions designed to give your business an advantage.

  • Cost control: Know your portion price in advance so you can control cost with every serving
  • Portion control: Portion cut proteins add efficiencies in inventory, prepping and cooking
  • Hand carved: Classic and creative cuts hand carved to industry standard specifications each time
  • No by-product: Every gram of every portion can be served without trimming
  • Easy to use: Portioned products eliminate the need for cutting expertise and reduce prep and clean up
  • Minimize storage: Vacuum wrapped in the same spec each time for easy and efficient storage
  • Good Shelf Life: Portioned Steaks – 40 days / Bone-in Steaks, Ground, Burgers – 28 day

With our Premium Portioned Program, you can serve your valued customers the same superb eating experience they come to expect. Noble Premium Bison is the only Canadian bison company exporting premium portioned cuts to Europe.

Contact us to find out how we can help you put Noble Premium Bison on the menu.


Meat Board

Portioned and Whole Muscle Cuts

Bison is becoming the meat to eat for so many good reasons. As an animal protein, bison is a high value proposition — not just for its flavour and superior nutrient profile, but also for how it’s raised and where it comes from. Noble Premium Bison is:

  • regenerative by nature, causing no harm to the environment
  • grass grazed for improved taste and nutrition
  • a unique wild game meat that never tastes gamey
  • raised in Canada by Canadian ranchers and producers