For Chefs in Canada and Europe

As a longstanding supplier to the hospitality industry in Canada and Europe, we know what matters to chefs. When it comes to receiving the best quality bison meat, our clients want:

  • youthful animals that have been pasture-raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics
  • sustainable ranching practices and good animal husbandry from farm to plant
  • meat that is processed consistently and safely, and tastes amazing
  • products delivered to the same high standard every time

We want that too. The processes we’ve put in place support our ability to deliver the best eating experience. What contributes to that quality experience might be a specialized cut, size, or a spec unique to your business. What can take away from that experience is unpredictability.

In our business, we value accountability, consistency and quality as much as our clients do. Before the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) was in place, producers could only export one quality—premium, grain-finished bison. Now, with CETA in place, Canadian producers can export many different qualities of bison to Europe.

When you partner with Noble, you’re assured of the best – premium grass-raised and grain-finished bison meat from youthful animals, raised without hormones or antibiotics.

Premium Portioned Program

Whole Muscle Cuts

Developed specifically for chefs, hotels and caterers across Canada and Europe, our Premium Portioned Program offers our most popular bison cuts in portions designed to give your business an advantage.

  • Cost control: Know your portion price in advance so you can control cost with every serving
  • Portion control: Portion cut proteins add efficiencies in inventory, prepping and cooking
  • Hand carved: Classic and creative cuts hand carved to industry standard specifications each time
  • No by-product: Every gram of every portion can be served without trimming
  • Easy to use: Portioned products eliminate the need for cutting expertise and reduce prep and clean up
  • Minimize storage: Vacuum wrapped in the same spec each time for easy and efficient storage
  • Good Shelf Life: Portioned Steaks – 40 days / Bone-in Steaks, Ground, Burgers – 28 day

Noble Premium Bison has made these cuts available to chefs, and is the only Canadian bison company exporting these portioned cuts to Europe. Utilizing our Premium Portioned Program, you can improve your customers’ experience and your profitability.

Ground and Burgers

In foodservice, any ingredient that can provide maximum versatility at a reasonable price is a real advantage. Our premium ground bison and burgers can help you minimize prep time and increase profitability, while adding intrigue to your menu. Give a new twist to classic meat sauces, pasta fillings and meatballs, or create a taste trend with bison bowls, bibimbap, and of course – burgers!

Noble Premium Bison ground (and burgers) have a greater yield due to the lower fat content, making this specialty product a valuable menu item. Available in:

  • Lean (not more than 17% fat) and Extra Lean (not more than 10% fat)
  • One lb and 5 lb chubs, or to your specifications (minimum order required)

Noble Premium Bison Burgers are made from lean ground bison in 4 oz, 5.3 oz, 8 oz patties

  • 4 oz – 12 packs 4 x 4 oz, Count 48
  • 5.3 oz – 12 pack, 3 x 5.3 oz, Count 36
  • 8 oz – 12 pack, 2 x 8 oz, Count 24

Contact us to find out how we can help you elevate the plate, and put Noble Premium Bison on the menu.

Bison is a high value protein

Bison has become the meat to eat for so many good reasons. As an animal protein, bison meat is a high value proposition – not just for its flavour and superior nutritional profile, but also for how it’s raised and where it comes from. Noble Premium Bison is:

  • a unique wild game meat that never tastes gamey
  • grass grazed for improved taste and nutrition
  • finished on a free choice of grains and grass for reliable consistency
  • raised in Canada by independent farm families and producers
  • meat raised regeneratively, improving the soil and ecosystem
  • the best meat to eat to restore Canadian grasslands