Food safety is our priority

We’ve worked hard to develop the very best practices that ensure a healthy environment for our bison, and the safety and quality of the bison products we sell. When you buy our Canadian bison products, you get all the superior nutrition of bison meat with none of the hormones or antibiotics commonly used in the beef cattle industry. Bison meat has everything you want in a premium meat product, and nothing you don’t.

No hormones. No antibiotics. No additives.

For Noble, food safety also means producing food that is as pure and natural as possible. Unlike many meat products and faux-meat alternatives, our bison products are 100% pure protein, minimally processed, with no additives or artificial ingredients. Our bison are raised in open pastures, with minimal intervention and stress, eliminating the need for antibiotics, and the Government of Canada does not allow the use of hormones in bison. That’s important given all the studies that show how those ingredients can negatively affect our health.

“The most important thing to consider is that any single time antibiotics are used, whether in animals or humans, you risk selecting for drug-resistant bacteria. We need to safeguard [antibiotics] for the use in both animals and humans, to ensure they can be used for the treatment of infection in the future.”  – Medical News Today

High standards, low risk

As part of our commitment to food safety, it’s important for us to process and package our premium product at the best facility possible. It’s for this reason that we chose a single species facility in North Dakota for the following benefits:

  • Good Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certification
  • Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification
  • EU export certification
  • high animal welfare standards
  • all production processes in one facility
  • close proximity to our ranches
  • single species facility means no risk of cross-contamination

No other facility in North America can meet the high standards required by Noble Premium Bison, which is why our bison products are processed in the USA. The retail packaging must say ‘Product of USA’ but you can rest assured our company and our bison are ‘100% Canadian’.

Contact us for information on our brand, our products, and how we can help you put bison on the shelf and on the menu today.