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Eat Better. Eat Bison.

Raised on Canada's grasslands
No hormones or antibiotics
Nutritious and tasty

You Asked Us

Why is bison more expensive than beef?

The price for bison is slightly higher than beef for a few good reasons.
  • Bison are not farmed on the same massive scale as cattle and are considered more of a specialty item than a commodity.
  • There are approximately 500,000 head of bison in North America vs over 100,000,000 head of cattle, therefore, the bison industry does not have the same efficiencies that the cattle industry does.
  • Our animals are raised primarily on pasture utilizing restorative ranching practices
  • Bison take longer to produce; 24-30 months when harvested vs 15-18 months for beef.
  • Bison meat is considered more of a specialty item, with pricing comparable to other premium protein products.

Is bison meat better for me than beef?

Bison is a leaner protein than beef and may be a healthier choice if you’re looking to maximize your nutritional benefit while reducing your calorie or fat intake. Bison is a great choice for Keto-friendly diets—it has nearly 25% fewer calories than beef and is lower in total and saturated fat. Both are good sources of iron, zinc phosphorus, niacin, selenium, and vitamins B6 and B12, although bison is higher in iron and Omega 3s.

Why is the price of bison meat increasing?

It’s true that the cost of buying food is increasing for all of us. And like all other food companies, the cost of producing that food is also rising - alongside inflation, processing, packaging, labour and shipping costs. However, each retailer sets their own prices for our products, which can vary from region to region and from cut to cut. Our Lean and Extra Lean Ground Bison are the most economical cuts, and retailers often feature our Premium Bison Steaks, Cubes and Ground on sale. The bison ribeye is the most premium cut we offer at retail, and is reflected in the price.

Where can I buy bison products?

To the hospitality industry, Noble Premium Bison is available through wholesalers. For consumers who want to enjoy fresh bison meat at home, you can buy Noble Premium Bison products right across Canada! Look for our Extra Lean Ground Bison at Costco, and our Bison Steaks, Steak Cubes and Lean Ground at the fresh meat counter at Sobeys. In Western Canada all our products are at Federated Co-op, Calgary Co-op, Safeway, Thrifty Foods and select IGA stores. See our Retail Stores in Canada page to find a store near you. You can also order online from Best of Calgary Foods if you live in Calgary and surrounding area.

Your bison are raised in Canada so why does your packaging say ‘Product of the USA’?

Our bison are 100% Canadian and so are we! Our bison are processed in the USA so the packaging must say Product of USA, but our bison are raised by Canadian producers on our ranches in Canada. As part of our safe food promise, we wanted to process and package our premium product at the best facility possible. We chose a single species facility in North Dakota for many reasons:
  • a single species facility eliminates the risk of cross-contamination
  • close proximity to our ranches
  • all production processes in the same facility
  • high animal welfare standards
  • Good Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification
  • EU certification
No other facility in North America can meet these requirements. For more information on our sustainable ranching practices, click here.

Are your bison given antibiotics or hormones?

Never. Regulations and industry standards don’t allow the use of hormones in bison. As well, Noble Premium Bison are grass-raised without the use of antibiotics and finished for a short period of time on a free choice of grains. Our products contain no additives which means you enjoy 100% pure protein.

What do you mean by sustainable or regenerative ranching?

Through our ranching practices we work to improve the soil and overall health of the land our bison graze on. There are various techniques we use that are consistent with sustainable agriculture practices such as limiting tillage of the soil, increasing plant diversity, rotating cover crops and limiting the use of synthetic inputs like pesticides and fertilizers, which can negatively impact soil health.

Managing livestock in conscientious ways regenerates the land and can have a positive impact on climate change. Through rotational grazing, we strategically move the bison around so that rangeland is trimmed and fertilized by the bison. This strategy leads to increased forage production and soil fertility, resistance to drought, better water retention, and the sequestration of carbon from the atmosphere into the soil.

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Elevate the Plate

Creative and Classic Cuts add intrigue and profitability. Hand carved to the same high quality each and every time. Put Noble Premium Bison in your meat counter and on your menu.
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Grass-raised on the Canadian prairies, when you buy Noble, you’re buying meat that’s healthy for you and good for the planet.

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